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Our Health Mission

Whole Human Life is about change, personal evolution and social revolution. It’s about recognizing the shared humanity within all of us and acting accordingly. We utilize Integrative, Functional, Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine protocols established by Dr. Windham and constantly modified to reflect the growing scientific body of knowledge.

We are a practice providing services in California and Oklahoma only. Outside of these states we can offer a consult to offer an opinion only, but not to write orders for anything.

Reimagine yourself.

Regenerate your health.

Reinvigorate your life.

Meet Our Doctor

What Whole Human Life Means?

At Whole Human Life Consulting, Dr. Windham specializes in treating the whole person to obtain and maintain ideal, long lasting health. The name of our clinic was chosen to represent what we do.

Whole: We take a whole body approach to health and healing, Integrating in all the scientifically validated forms of treatment, which represents an expansion of treatment options to include the latest research and development in the field of medicine and well being.

Human: We are all part of the same human family, we are all equal, we are all VIP’s. With Dr. Windham, you will know that you have 100% of her attention during your appointment time and you will feel the care, compassion and presence that she brings to each patient visit.

Life: We all want to live our best lives. Dr. Windham helps people to find wholeness of body, mind and spirit to do just that. We start by identifying where you are now and what your personal goals are. Then, together, we chart a course of treatment to help you meet your goals.


Whole Human Life

Phone: (888) 988-1520 Address: Serving Patients in California and Oklahoma

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