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The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew…

The Covid-19 vaccine is a dangerous, experimental drug that potentially inserts foreign material into your DNA and changes your genetics and that of your unborn children, forever. It can not be reversed. It also has the potential for damaging the tiny blood vessels in your brain, heart, liver and kidneys that won’t be detected for months or years and is also irreversible. Doctors and other health professionals, scientists, vaccine researchers and informed lay people around the world have been the victims of increased suppression of freedom of speech when their voice against the mainstream narrative garners too much attention.

Please, consider that this virus, if in fact there is a virus causing a pandemic, which is widely and reasonably disputed by the research, carries no more risk than the common flu. Treating such a virus with an experimental vaccine that could lead to lifelong and serious medical problems, irreversible sterilization, and a host of other long term, multi-generational and as yet unknown brain, immune and genetic risk factors is negligent at best and calculated at worst. All pharmaceutical companies have been given waivers that remove all liability for any medical problems that occur as a result of these experimental vaccines. That means they could kill or maim half the population and no one would have any recourse.

So I implore you: Do your research.

Watch the videos I’ve collated for you. Don’t be a guinea pig.

Covid Vaccine on Trial video, panel of experts speak out in 2 hour video:

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