EarthPulse™ PEMF: Published PEMF Therapeutic Electromagnetic Device

At Whole Human Life we believe in the body’s and brain’s innate ability to heal themselves. That’s where Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMFT) comes into play as it helps to harness the body’s own abilities for healing, regeneration and repair. PEMFT has been utilized to treat insomnia and other conditions since the 1960’s. Benefits people have noticed with regular use:

  • Better sleep quality and daytime energy levels
  • Improved athletic performance and proven Anti-aging benefits
  • Pain management
  • Depression and Anxiety improved
  • Improved immune health with decreased inflammation
  • Improved overall body repair and regeneration
  • Improved memory and brain function

What sets EarthPulse™ apart from other PEMFT devices is the low EMF power supply, pulsed nanosecond rise time, north polarity, and square wave magnetic device and is the only system in the world that limits frequency spectrum to 14.4 Hz to avoid biological stress. And while this may seem like Greek, it adds up to the EarthPulse being considered the best PEMFT device on the market by many healthcare practitioners and researchers.

EarthPulse™ promotes deep restorative sleep, which is required for proper nighttime repair, cellular detoxification, hormone synthesis, immune function, memory consolidation and optimal functioning of every body system, cell and process. EarthPulse™ devices are designed to enhance sleep via brainwave entrainment that also helps every cell in your body recover and perform their functions better. EarthPulse™ entrains the brain to help promote sleep onset and longer–deeper states of sleep, better rest and recovery so performance is enhanced and the user gets a lifetime of anti aging benefits. This is in contrast to the typical pharmaceutical approach to insomnia which is a band aid treatment that does nothing to improve healthy longevity, brain or immune health, nor does it have any of the benefits of deep restorative sleep.

Ease of use:
* Press the “On” button
*Press the up or down arrows until you get to “Recover” and press “Enter” button
* Press up or down arrows until you get to the time desired to sleep (set at 8 hours in this example) and press “Enter”
* Go to sleep
*If you still can’t sleep, start at “Sleep 3 or 4” and work you way down to “Sleep 1, then change to “Recover Mode”
* More in depth instructions are emailed when you buy the machine. Don’t suffer one more night with inadequate or poor sleep. Take your health into your own hands and purchase and EarthPulse™ sleep device with your Whole Human Life discount today!

Two options Dr. Windham recommends:

Sleep On Command, V6 Basic for queen size beds with no need to use a second magnet on problem areas:
1 magnet / 15 programs, cost is $699, save $50 shipping cost when ordering from Whole Human Life
Sleep On Command, V6 Pro for king size beds or larger, or when a second magnet is needed to treat problem areas or to heal after injury or surgery:
2 magnets / 15 programs; cost is $1,159; $50 discount on cost of machine and save $50 shipping cost when ordering from Whole Human Life