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Cheap, Safe, Effective Covid19 Vaccine Available

Most people that I have spoken to about their concerns regarding the current Covid 19 Vaccine options voice concern that they are untested and potentially unsafe approach that is being taken towards vaccine development. “Shouldn’t we be doing more research on potential long term risks before we vaccinate the whole world, and most importantly an entire generation of children, against a virus that carries such low risk of mortality (less than 1% worldwide)?”, is the legitimate question being asked around the world.

Well, here is something interesting that hit the news this week. Researchers specializing in the field of vaccines have presented an alternative to the current Covid19 Vaccine conundrum that so many people are facing. The last time our global society dealt with a potential worldwide pandemic from Covid SARS in 2003, a group of researchers began developing a protein subunit vaccine to combat the problem. This is the same type of vaccine used for Hepatitis B and other vaccines. However, when SARS transmission resolved, the vaccine wasn’t needed.

Fast forward to 2019. When the Covid19 pandemic began, these same researchers reached out to the United State government with a vaccine that could be rapidly modified to the current pandemic and uses the same technology that has been used for vaccines since at least the 1980’s. That means that the technology is tested, tried and true and known to be safe. Not only that, it can be produced at around $1 per injection.

But the researchers weren’t able to gain the interest of our government who, instead, moved into a brand new, untested technology costing $20-$40 per injection. The development of these vaccines has cost the US billions of dollars and lined the pockets of pharmaceutical company executives including Anthony Fauci and others making the decisions about what vaccine will be used in this pandemic. Profiting from the medical treatment plan that is being recommended is called a conflict of interest and, in the terms of our medical system, is considered bad faith medical practice and is required to be disclosed to the person receiving the medical advice.

I am not making any claims and am in no way benefiting from the dissemination of this information. I leave it to you to decide for yourself. Here’s the link: https://apple.news/AkB5J8VxQSDC3_F1CSQnGLw

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